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Visa forms for Thailand

Visa Forms for Thailand and Information

Below are Free downloadable Visa forms for Thailand


Hello, Thank you for visiting this page. 

Here you will find various Visa forms for Thailand. I have included the most popular used by us Farang in the land of smiles.

Planing a visit to Thailand?

If your planning your holiday then you may need a visa before visiting Thailand. This page will have the forms you need. 60 Day, Non immigrant O and information about how to get a retirement visa.  

Already here in the Land of Smiles?

If you live in Pattaya or staying for more than  30 Days then you may need to visit the Thai immigration office in Soi 5 Jomtien, Pattaya. 

If you’ve never ventured out of Pattaya before (Many haven’t) and are wondering were Jomtien is? It’s just south of Pattaya city and is easy to get to by Baht bus and will cost no more than 10 Baht from the junction of 2nd road and Pattaya Tai. The Google map below clearly shows where Pattaya immigration is.

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Thai Visa TM 7 Extension of temporary stay
TM 7 Thai Visa Form

TM.7 Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom application Form.

TM 8 Thai Visa Form

TM 8 Re-Entry Permit into The Kingdom  of Thailand application Form.

Thai visa form TM30
TM 30 Thai Visa Form

TM.30 Notification Form for House Master, Thai application Form.

TM 47 Thai Visa Form

TM.47 Notify of Staying Longer Than 90 Days in  of Thailand Form.

Below are more free downloadable PDF files containing Visa application forms for Thailand.

Please note that at the time I up loaded these forms they were correct. Always check as sometimes they change. But not often!

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Thai visa form TM.18 Certificate of Residence Application
TM 18 Thai Visa Form

TM.18 Certificate of Residence Application form for the Kingdom of Thailand

TM.88 Visa on Arrival Application Form in Thailand
TM.88 Thai Visa Form

TM.88 Visa on Arrival in the Kingdom of Thailand application Form

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